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Manufactured by Allach, the Julleuchter is probably the most recognizable piece of Allach associated with the SS. With the production figures in 1938/1938 at over 100,000 alone, it was also the most mass produced item to leave the Allach factory over the course of its nine year existence.

The crude hand made earthenware appearance makes this piece a prime example of the effort of the SS to retrace its roots back to their Nordic ancestry, and it was the intent of Himmler for all SS men to have the Julleuchter for the purpose of the celebrating specific holidays and dates based on pagan and political precedents and to steer the SS off Christian reliance.

This item can be found in many collections, and its outward appearance is very appealing to collectors as a whole. Its roots run very deep and it is a fascinating piece in its own right. Clickhere


Photo Credit: ww2online

Julleuchter #702

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